01463 Area Code

If you have a missed call with the 01463 area code, it was someone from Inverness. The happiest place in Scotland, as it is often called, has quite a few numbers registered both for individuals and companies. 

If you are looking for getting or using an 01463 area code, the following is all the necessary information on the Inverness area code, in case you need it.

Part 1: What Is 01463 Area Code?

Area code 01463 stands for Inverness, a city on the north-eastern coast of Scotland, but it also covers the surrounding area. A number starting with this code most likely comes from this city. But it could also be a virtual line belonging to someone outside Inverness. 

A call from a local virtual number shouldn’t worry you, though. There isn’t necessarily a bad intention behind it. It could simply be someone holding on to their old number for sentimental reasons or a business trying to appear local.

The Inverness dialing code was modified in 1995, along with the rest of the area codes in the UK. It happened during the event called PhONEday because of the shortage of local numbers in the area. They used the 01XXX format and made the area code longer. 

It’s crucial to know the area code for the region you are calling because they are mandatory for placing the call. So, if you are looking for someone in Inverness, remember the code 01463.

Part 2: Dialing 01463 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

As it happens with any local numbers, if you want to call someone in Inverness and you are in the UK, just type the 01463 telephone code first. 

In case you are calling from abroad, you need a few more steps, as for all international calls. It’s not complicated, though, just follow these steps:

  1. Begin with the international access code.
  2. Then enter the country code, which is 44 for the UK.
  3. Then you must type the 01463 area code, but skip the 0.
  4. At last, dial the rest of the local number.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01463 Area Code Cost?

The call costs for the 01463 area code are the regular charges for landlines. A call to Inverness has no extra charges, but the actual cost depends on whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone. 

When you call from a landline, you may want to check the charging details of your provider. The call could be free between certain hours or on weekends. Outside those hours, the usual cost is 10 per minute.

If you are using a mobile phone when calling a number in Inverness, costs depend on your network provider. There are many offers on the market, including free minutes. But in general, costs from mobile phones to landlines are between 10p and 40p per minute.


A call from a number starting with the 01463 area code comes from Inverness or the surrounding area. It could be a personal number or a business from another region trying to appear local to find clients. 

Anyone can also do that using a virtual phone. So, if for whatever reasons you want a certain geographic number, WeNumber can help you. You can get a number with the Inverness area code with very competitive low cost in the market.