01274 Area Code

Just like all city phones, Bradford has a standard format. If you want to call Bradford or the surrounding area you need to dial the 01274 area code. These geographic dialling codes are used all over the UK, and they make it easy to trace where a call is coming from. 

This is a guide on the Bradford area code, with all the important facts you may need.

Part 1: What Is 01274 Area Code?

Bradford is the city that uses the 01274 area code. This dialling code also covers the surrounding area like Cleckheaton, Horton Bank, Idle, Queensbury, Undercliffe and others.  Bradford alone has a fair share of landline subscribers for 350,000 people. 

Situated in West Yorkshire, Bradford was known in the past as the ‘wool capital of the world’. The city still has many active industries, so the market of using the Bradford phone code is very popular. 

The original Bradford area code was 0274. Most phone codes were shorter then. But in 1995, the Office of Communication organised the event called PhONEday that changed the format for all the area codes in England. 

They added 0 as the trunk code and 1 or 2 as the first digit of all area codes. The result was a large supply of available numbers all over the country. In Bradford, the current format is (01274) XX XXXX. Since 2014, 01274 is also necessary for all local calls. 

Part 2: How to Dial 01274 Area Code Within and Outside of the UK?

The dialing method is simple, it just depends on where you want to call from. Calls from within the country only require the Bradford telephone code 01274 before the local number. 

For calls from abroad, you need to check the following steps:

  1. Start with the international access code.
  2. Enter the country code, which for the UK is 44.
  3. Then dial the 01274 area code, minus the 0.
  4. Now enter the local number.

Part 3: Calling Cost of 01274 Area Code

Geographic numbers all have standard costs all over England. But with every call, certain things can influence the charges, like the device you are calling from. 

When you call from a landline, you can expect a cost of 10p per minute. But it could be less or even free if you call in the evening or on weekends. Providers usually have lower costs outside peak hours.

If you want to call from a mobile phone, costs can vary even more depending on the provider. The normal charge is between 10p and 40p per minute. But most mobile providers have contracts that include free calls and reduced charges.


There are many locations covered by the 01274 area code, but Bradford is the main one. It’s a large city, so many companies are using this area code to reach their local customers

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