01213 Area Code

01213 is the Birmingham area code. Do you need to add this before calling a local number there? What will be the cost of calling? And how can you get your own 01213 code? What can be the benefits of having these numbers? 

You will get the answers to all of these questions in this article.

Part 1: What Is the 01213 Area Code?

01213 is the area code for Birmingham, UK, and its surrounding areas. To be more specific, 0121 is the Birmingham code, while the 5th digit added to its code specifies different areas within its premises.  

To understand the 01213 area code, it is better if we shed some light on its origin. On the PhONEday, the Birmingham area code, like many other areas in the UK, was changed. 

So, what was initially 0-213 was altered to 0-1213. Thus, this addition of ‘1’ led to the formation of this new dialing code for the Birmingham area.

However, it must be noted that there are still many people in Birmingham who are using previous format numbers i.e. 0-213. So, both areas codes i.e. 0-213 & 0-1213 are valid.

Part 2: How to Dial 01213 Area Code Within & Outside of the UK?

For within the UK, the new format of Birmingham number is the following: 01213 XXX XXX.

You just need to make sure that you do not miss the trunk code i.e. ‘0’ at the start otherwise your call won’t connect. 

For calling Birmingham from outside the UK, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. First, add the international dialing code for Europe 00
  2. Second, dial the UK international dialing code i.e. 44.
  3. Then, enter the Birmingham code without ‘0’ i.e. 1213 (for international calls only)
  4. Lastly, dial the desired landline number of Birmingham.
  5. So, the final format of international call to Birmingham looks like this: 00 44 1213 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Calling Cost of 01213 Area Code

The calling cost generally differs from place to place and depends upon the telephone services which you are using. Also, there is a difference in the cost of calling an area code from mobile phone and landline service.

The general calling rate of 01213 from a landline can cost you up to 10p per minute of the call. And for calling from a mobile phone the rate is almost double if not less than the landline. 

It will cost you between 10p and 40p per minute call depending upon the time of the day you are calling. Be sure to watch for peak hours where rates are higher than usual.

Part 4: How Can You Get Your Own 01213 Code?

The area codes are very popular for their repetitive and big use. What if you could get a similar number for you? 

Well, the answer is yes you can. WeNumber provides the advanced and highly promising facility of getting your area code which can be accessed from within the country or abroad. 

All your customer calls coming on this number will be diverted to your mobile or other desired number. This will act as your virtual office and help you in serving customers in Birmingham.

Some might think what is the need for virtual numbers when we can use real numbers and emails? 

Well with the advancement of technology and sophistication of the Internet, the actual importance of long-distance calls has diminished. The main reasons why people felt the need for this improvisation in technology are as follows:

  • Before virtual numbers were invented, businessmen had to pay a lot of capital in utilizing multiple lines for the same business. It was a highly uneconomical practice.
  • Who will you trust for your first investment more? Your area-based company or a firm operating from seas away? The out of area calls didn’t pay back good for business.
  • Your voicemail, your emails, and automatic-response matter a lot when you are running a business. These things were least tailored in landline Services.

Bottom Line

No business can grow big without having great communication with their customers. If you are interested in getting an 01213 area code, WeNumber enables you to enjoy freedom, excellence, and modern services to give your business the right boost

If you are ready to upgrade your customer map and increase your productivity exponentially, feel free to call WeNumber to get your virtual number, discuss our packages, and avail the best subscription options.