0115 Area Code

Which area does the 0115 Area code belong to? And what is the purpose of assigning this area code? What is the history behind its origin? How to dial this area code number within the UK and from abroad? And how much would it cost?

We are here to answer all your queries regarding the 0115 area code.

Part 1: Why Do We Have Area Codes?

Area codes are developed and assigned to regulate and manage the call traffic and to breakdown different areas with respect to their network zones. This helps in avoiding overload of calls on a single server and all the areas become equally accessible to everyone.

Part 2: What Is the 0115 Area Code?

All the phone numbers which have a 0115 prefix belong to a person or a business address registered in Nottingham or its immediate surrounding areas. If you receive a call from that area, it is a default setting that that number would contain area code 0115.

Similarly, if you want to get in touch with any contact in Nottingham, you will have to dial the 0115 area code in the beginning. But 0115 was not the first area code for Nottingham. Do you know what was the first code?

Before 0115, the area codes for this region were 1157 and 0602. The numbers were replaced on the PhONEday in 1995. The reasons behind these changes were growth in network traffic and an increase in demand for new numbers.

Part 3: Dialing 0115 Area Code Within the UK and From Abroad?

With area code facilities, calling outside and inside Nottingham have become very easy. If you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone within the UK, the correct format would be (0115) XXX-XXXX where X represents the local landline number.

Making an international call is a little bit different:

  1. First, add 00 as this is the international access code at the start
  2. Then, enter the UK country code (44)
  3. Lastly, subtract the zero from the Nottingham area code i.e. enter only 115.

Thus, the international dialing format for Nottingham looks like 00 44 115 XXX XXXX.

Part 4: How Much Does Calling an 0115 Area Code Cost?

Generally, the cost of calling an 0115 area code from your landline is not more than calling any other UK landline. If you are using your mobile phone, the rate is 40p-50p per minute call, but it totally varies depending upon your packages, free minutes and rates in off-peak hours.

Also, keep in mind that calling internationally from these numbers will cost more than the domestic calls. And the rates for mobiles are much higher than the landline number. You can obtain the exact call rates by calling your network operator office.

Part 5: Common Mistakes in Dialing 0115 Area Codes

There are times when you are trying to reach a local or international number but either the number is not responding or your call is not being entertained. Have you ever thought about why it happens?

Well, there may be more than one reasons including server problems, network strength, the activity status of the number you are trying to reach, your network settings and dial format

Since a lot of people don’t make regular calls on area numbers, there are greater chances they will mess it up. The most common mistake while dialing an area number is to enter the incorrect area code.

For instance, you may be entering the wrong sequence of the dialing code, or you are not including the Trunk code i.e. “0” at the start, or in case of international calls you are not dialing the country code.

For example, if you want to call a local number (323 4598) in Nottingham from abroad, the correct format is +44 115 323 4598. And if you dial these incorrect numbers as +44 0115 323 4598, 0115 44 323 4598 and +44 323 4598, my call won’t connect.


Nottingham, the City of Robin Hood, is known for its great tourism points, amusement parks, restaurants, forests and castles. This makes this city very attractive for business. If you want to invest in this region, you should definitely acquire a 0115 area code number.

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