How to Call Ireland From the United Kingdom?

There are thousands of British living in the UK who have their friends or family settled in Ireland either temporarily or permanently. Similarly, there are many businesses that operate in both regions of Great Britain.

In today’s era of internet and easy connection, communication has become easier but if you are using landline services or calling from your mobile phone things may get a bit complicated for you.

So, what if someone in the UK wanted to call his business ally in Ireland? What is the legal protocol to follow? What is the dialing scheme? What are the common errors & calling costs? This article will tell you all about it.

Part 1: Calling Ireland From the UK

If you are making a call from the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, or even North Ireland the country code for Ireland is 353. For mobiles, it’s +353 and for normal landline calls, it’s 00353.

So, for instance, if a local phone number in Ireland is 07 654 7768, you will have to dial 00 353 7 654 7768 for landline calling and +353 7 654 7768 from a mobile phone from the UK.

You will have to follow the same protocol if you are calling from North Ireland.

List of Area Codes of Ireland

If you are calling to Ireland from the UK, you will need to dial the ISD code followed by city code and the phone number.

 So, it is important that we enlist all the city codes in Ireland. You should note down these before starting a business in Ireland. The city code will follow the area name:

  • Arklow: 402 
  • Athlone: 90
  • Cavan: 49
  • Carlow: 59
  • Castlebar: 94
  • Clonmel: 52
  • Cork: 21
  • Drogheda: 41
  • Dublin: 1
  • Dundalk: 42
  • Ennis: 65
  • Galway: 91
  • Killarney 64
  • Kilkenny: 56
  • LetterKenny : 74
  • Limerick : 61
  • Longford: 43
  • Navan : 46
  • Monaghan: 47
  • Mullingar: 44
  • Naas: 45
  • Portlaoise : 57
  • Sligo 71
  • Tralee: 66
  • Tipperary : 62
  • Waterford: 51
  • Wexford: 53

Ireland and UK Area Codes History

In 1960, for the first time, the International Telecom Union (Group of network providers from each country) sat together and decided Country Dialing Codes. 

The aim was to specify and manage the increasing network traffic in a good manner by splitting the world into big network zones. This was the occasion when the international dialing codes were decided. 

Hence, 1 was allotted to the USA, 2 for Africa, and 3,4 for Europe were decided. Moving down further, country codes were also decided. As a result, +44 was made the country code for the UK and 353 for Ireland.

Another network order happened in 1994 with some minor changes, however, no changes were made to Ireland or the UK area dialing code.

Part 2: Most Common Errors in International Calling

Calling internationally may account for some common errors. The following are the most common mistakes that people do unintentionally and get dropped off from the line.

  • Trunk Code (a single-digit put before the phone number), ‘0’ in case of Ireland, should be dialed correctly. If you miss adding this “0” while dialing, your call won’t connect.
  • Some telephone service providers enable blocking international lines. So, if your customer doesn’t contact his telephone service provider before calling, your business might get a great setback.
  • Another error made is dialing the wrong area code or confusing between the local and international code of an area. For instance, the area code for Ireland is 353 and if you dial it as 53 or 35353 or 0353, the call won’t be connected.  

The Suitable Solution

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Cost Efficiency

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Data Security

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Final Word

If you are living in the UK or nearby and want to make contact with your family members or business partners in Ireland, you can contact WeNumber. 

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