01628 Area Code

Have you ever got a call from 01628 area codes? Do you want to know from which location was that call? Or Do you want to get your own 01628 area code number?

Let us help you with that. Below you will find answers to all these questions and many more.

Part 1: What Is 01628 Area Code?

01628 is the area code for Maidenhead and its surrounding areas. Maidenhead is located in Berkshire County of the UK. Areas that are included in the 01628 area are Marlow, Bourne End, Burnham, and Littlewick Green.

So, next time if you receive a call from a 01628 area code, it is from Maidenhead or its surrounding areas. This area code is followed by a local number consisting of six more digits. A Maidenhead number would look like 016 28XX XXXX. It is that simple!

Just like many other area codes, the Maidenhead area code also experienced a transformation during the Big Number Change in the UK in 1995. So, the initial Maidenhead area code 0628 was altered to 01628.

Part 2: How to Dial 01628 Area Code in the UK and From Abroad?

Does dialing landline numbers confuse you? Do not worry. We will guide you through some easy steps to dial such a number. Below are the guidelines for dialing a 01628 number from within the UK and internationally:

Dialing a 01628 number within Maidenhead:

  1. Using only the local number would be sufficient i.e. 28XX XXXX
  2. Using area code with the local number is also fine. i.e. 016 28XX XXXX

Dialing a 01628 number in the UK:

  1. First, dial Maidenhead area code i.e. 01628
  2. Then dial the remaining digits of local number

The final format for dialing Maidenhead number would look like 016 28XX XXXX

Dialing a 01628 number from abroad:

  1. First, enter the International dial code 00
  2. Enter the UK country code 44.
  3. Then enter the Maidenhead area code without the first zero (for international calls only) i.e. 1628
  4. Finally, enter the desired six digits local number e.g. XX XXXX

The format of Maidenhead number dialed from abroad will look like this: 00 44 1628XX XXXX

Part 3: How Much Does Calling a 01628 Area Code Cost?

Well, calling an 01628 area code does not cost much on the landline. The costs of calling such a number are the lowest except for freephone numbers.

Although, different landline operators charge differently but mostly calling a 01628 area code at peak hours would cost between 10p and 12p per minute. Calling this area code during off-peak hours would cost between 5p and 10p.

Dialing 01628 from a mobile phone is comparatively costly. Calling such a number from a mobile phone would cost around 30p to 50p, but that greatly fluctuates from operator to operator.

If you want to know the exact cost of calling this number, you might have to contact your mobile operator.

Still worried about the costs?

Here is the good news. To facilitate the consumers, both landline and mobile operators offer call packages for a limited number of calls on reduced prices. Some operators also provide free-minutes within the monthly contract with the consumers.

Wrapping up

01628 area code is quite popular in the Maidenhead area and you will be glad to know all about it.  This article hopefully has addressed your major concerns and queries regarding 01628 numbers.

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