01494 Area Code

If you are looking for how to use 01492 area code in the High Wycombe area, then this guide will provide all the information that you need.

Read the following sections to address these questions: What is the importance of the 01494 dialing code? How to make an international call? What is the calling cost of this area number and how to get  your own code?

Part 1: What Is the 01494 Area Code?

The area code 01494 belongs to High Wycombe and its nearby areas. All the homes, offices, corporate sector, and businesses have their numbers registered on this area code.

High Wycombe is situated in Buckinghamshire county. It is located near London and Reading. The city is popular for its furniture, architecture, and war history. With a total population of around 125,000, this city has attracted many business startups in the last few years.

Other areas that use the same dialing code are Chesham, Radnage, Lane End, Amersham, Naphill, Holmer Green, Chalfont St Giles, Hampden Row Phone Numbers, Beaconsfield, Cholesbury, Penn, Little Chalfont, Great Missenden, The Lee and Bledlow Ridge.

So, if you have any friends, colleagues, or clients in the High Wycombe region and you want to reach out to them you will have to add 01494 area code before their phone numbers.

The area code of this region wasn’t always 01494. It’s been 25 years that the region has got this area code, before that the area code was 0494. The changes were made on PhONEday in 1995.

The purpose of this transformation was to accommodate new traffic into telecommunication grids and provide never-ending sequencing for all the new users that are going to join the grid in the future.

Does this area code change immediately as leaving High Wycombe? No, it doesn’t.

Telecommunication boundaries are never too strict or well defined. It’s not just the main city of High Wycombe that comes under the area code 01494, there are several suburban areas that come under this code.

Part 2: Dialing 01494 Area Code Within the UK And From Abroad

For dialing landline number of your High Wycombe friends or customers within the UK, you will have to follow this format:

  1. First, enter the 01494 phone code for High Wycombe
  2. Dial your friend’s landline local number like 123 456.
  3. The final number would look like this 01494 123 456.

You can also easily access all the personal/business numbers in High Wycombe from outside the country by dialing the correct international format:

  1.  First, it starts with an international access code 00.
  2. Then, add the country code 44 for the UK.
  3. Next, enter the 01422 area code without the initial 0 i.e. 1422
  4. Finally, dial the telephone number of your destination, so the format will be 00 44 1422 XXX XXX.

For example, if you want to access a local number 687 9004 High Wycombe number from the US, you will dial 00 44 1494 687 9004. If you dial it incorrectly, your call won’t reach the destination.

Part 3: Dialing Cost of Calling 01494 Area Code

The call rates vary for different service providers. Usually, companies provide free subscriptions and then charge duration fees which vary from 10p to 15p per minute.

There are also packages available in which companies provide free minutes for both landline and phone services. It is necessary that all phones registered in the High Wycombe area will have 01494 code in the beginning.

However, not all the calls coming with 01494 prefix are actually present there. Those calls can be virtual. You can also acquire one for cheaper rates and ease of access to the world.

Wrapping Up

Having known the advantages, dialing procedure, and increasing service demands of 01494 area codes, it should not take you much time to get your own one.

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