0131 Area Code

All the numbers with 0131 area code in your phone book belong to a person or a business company located in Edinburgh and some nearby suburbs

Is it essential to use this area code when dialing from outside Edinburgh? When were these area codes first got into practice? Can you get your own business number having 0131 area code? What are its benefits and advantages?

These are all questions that will be entertained through this article.

Part 1: What Is the 0131 Area Code?

0131 area code is used for landline numbers in Edinburgh, UK. This was developed to ease the access and break down of telecommunication traffic. You can call this code not only in Edinburgh but also in some areas around Edinburgh:

  • Kirkliston
  • Leith
  • South Queensferry
  • Morningside
  • Corstorphine
  • Loanhead
  • Craiglockhart
  • Maybury
  • Fairmilehead
  • Donaldson
  • Colinton
  • Portobello
  • Granton
  • Dean
  • Pentland
  • Abbeyhill
  • Fountainbridge
  • Dalkeith
  • Musselburgh
  • Water Hailes
  • Liberton
  • Newington
  • Davidson’s Mains

Before the great telephone area codes transformation in the UK, in 1995, the area code for Edinburgh was 031. After the PhONEday, a 1 was added to this area code to make it 0131.

Part 2: How to Dial 0131 Area Code in the UK And From Abroad?

If you want to call someone in Edinburgh within the UK, you can do so as follows:

  1. First, enter the Edinburgh 0131 area code.
  2. Then, dial your desired 7-digit local landline number.

The final format for dialing a 0131 area code number from within the UK would be: 0131 XXX XXXX.

Similarly, if you want to dial an Edinburgh number from outside the UK, you will have to follow this method:

  1. First, dial the international dialing code 00.
  2. Enter the country code for the UK i.e. 44
  3. Dial the Edinburgh area code without “0” i.e. 131
  4. Finally, you can enter the local landline number of the person you want to contact.

Hence, the final look of the number would be like 00 44 131 XXX XXXX.

Part 3: How Much Does Dialing an 0131 Area Code Cost?

Generally, different telephone service providers have different call rates. Some of them offer monthly packages for mobile networks allowing some free calls on some hours of days.

Landlines subscription also includes some bonus free minutes to utilize throughout the month. The major network providers cost 10p-20p per minute to call 0131 area codes from landline during peak hours of the day.

Mobile networks are a bit expensive. It usually costs between 30p-50p per minute calling from a mobile phone. Off-peak hours are a blessing. It costs almost half of the usual rates when you call in those hours. The rate for landline is 5p-10p per minute during these hours.

How to Get Your 0131 Area Code?

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Final Word

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