01244 Area Code

The 01244 area code was assigned by the Office of Communications to Chester and the surrounding area. If you want to call someone in this region, you need to dial this code followed by the local Chester phone number.

All the information you may need on the 01244 dialing code, including the costs you should expect, is right here in this useful guide. It also introduces a few interesting facts on the city of Chester and its area code.

Part 1: What Is 01244 Area Code?

You will find the 01244 area code at the intersection of two counties in the north-west region of the UK, Cheshire and Clwyd.

There are quite many towns and villages in the area using this code, apart from Chester. There are actually so many users that they expect available numbers to run short soon.

Here are some of the places around Chester that use the 01244 code: Aldford, Buckley, Christleton, Connah’s Quay, Deeside, Ewloe, Mickle Trafford, Mollington, Hawarden, Higher Kinnerton, Queensferry, Rossett, Saltney, Saughall, Shotton.

But the 01244 area code UK is mainly represented by Chester. Many things make this city worth visiting. It used to be a Roman fortress, and its walls still surround the town and are extremely well preserved. It may not have a very large population, but it’s a vibrant place.

Before 1995, the Chester area code was 0244. But available phone numbers were running low because the population was growing and they were using more devices, including fax machines and DDI lines.

So, during PhONEday, in April 1995, they added the digit 1 between the trunk code 0 and the local area code. That’s how the Chester region got the new 01244 area code and a fresh supply of available phone numbers.

Since 0 is the trunk code, the Chester phone code is 4-digit long. And with local numbers having 6 digits, the current format of a Chester phone number is (01244) XXX XXX. You will find out more about the dialing method in the next section.

Part 2: How to Dial 01244 Area Code in the UK and From Abroad?

The dialing method for the 01244 area code is the same as for any other geographic number in the UK. For local calls inside the area, the 01244 code is not necessary.

There are certain regions in England where the area code is mandatory even for local calls, but Chester isn’t one of them. If you are calling a number in Chester from another region of the UK, you need to add the area code 01244 in front of the local number.

For calls from abroad, you need to take the following steps:

  1. First, dial the international access code.
  2. Second, enter the country code, which is 44 for the UK.
  3. Then, use the 01244 area code, without the trunk code 0.
  4. Finally, enter the local number.

So, the correct format for dialing a Chester number from outside the UK is 00 44 1244 XXX XXX.

Part 3: What Is the Calling Cost of 01244 Area Code?

There are no extra charges when you call a number with the 01244 area code. It’s a normal geographic number, and you should expect nothing but the standard landline rates. However, the cost can be influenced by the type of phone you are using to place the call.

If you are calling from a landline, the usual cost is about 10p per minute. But if you check with your provider, you will probably find certain time intervals for cheap or even free minutes. It’s usually in the evening or on weekends.

When you call from a mobile phone, costs can vary depending on your provider. The usual charge is between 10p and 40p per minute. But most mobile providers offer contracts that include free minutes or reduced rates.


If you get a call with the 01244 area code, it’s someone in Chester or one of the many locations around it. These are geographic numbers that act like standard landlines when it comes to calling methods and charges.

But a call using the 01244 dialing code doesn’t necessarily come from the Chester area. It could come from a virtual phone that has no physical connection to this region. Calls from such virtual lines shouldn’t concern you.

In fact, you may actually find them useful, especially if you are a business owner. Studies show that clients are more open to local businesses. So, if you have a company and are planning to expand to a new region, you can get a virtual phone at WeNumber.